Do you do group tours, and what about kids? No, I mean children!

We desire to be “kid friendly” as you can see with the picture of these 4 kids.


As we have rolled out our guided tours we have learned much. Isn’t anything a work in progress, much as our lives are? To make sure we are always staying true to the goals, we keep coming back and looking for barriers that may exist to potential guests. Our goal is to introduce guests to the people, the lifestyle, and the features, of the Driftless Area. One blind spot we had when setting up the tours, we didn’t think about groups who may have a couple of significant needs or wants. We have been approached by three significant categories that may speak to you.

#1. Do you have kids in your family and think $79 per child is a ridiculous amount of money per child. The answer to that is yes, absolutely that is nuts. Hey, we have raised 3 daughters, 5 German and 1 Swiss child, we traveled the USA with all of them. We would not have paid that either. To clarify our pricing for children, ages 0-5 years are free, ages 5-18 are half-price. If you are interested in taking your family on a guided tour, please contact us directly at or call us at (608) 630-2452 for a price, registration, and availability.

We really want families to enjoy a Ridge and Valley Tour experience. One of the biggest rewards of the tours so far has been the end. No, it wasn’t a death march that thankfully ended in a dragged out, frazzled fashion. It was the gathering around large tables for a meal, in which strangers started talking, sharing their lives, and talking about the day together, unrushed. Think old farm supper table discussion. If you ever wanted to show your children what life was like before WiFi, personal electronic devices, or hey, even before answering machines, this is a great opportunity.

#2. Maybe you are a corporate, business, or large family group, and have looked at this concept and thought, “Dang, that seems like a great experience for the office!” Or, you are getting the brothers and sisters together, (or “The Fellas” or “The Girls”) and you are looking for an activity………we can accommodate you.

If you have a group of more than 7 we can negotiate a group pricing, and design a personalized tour for you. Maybe you had a traumatic experience with Holstein cows as a youth? Perhaps there are still flashbacks from that time your parents left you home and you got into the Dandelion Wine and the mention of the word “wine” immediately incites you to throw-up just a little bit in your mouth. We are able to design the tour, with the different locations we offer, specifically to meet the curiosities of your group.

Just contact us either at or by phone at (608) 630-2452,  let us know your thoughts and we will work through that with you.

#3. Finally, you have a group, you know exactly where you want to go, when, and all about the area around you. You just want to get there safe and get back to your starting spot safely. You really aren’t interested in this “Guided” stuff. (Guided=Listening to Marty spout off endless facts about the Driftless Area, facts about cows, cheese, beer, and his childhood working on a farm picking rock.)  We can make that happen too.

Again, feel free to contact us at or by phone at (608) 630-2452 and we can quote shuttle availability and cost.

When I coached football I was fond to tell my players, “Don’t tell me why it can’t happen, tell me how you are going to make it happen.” That was a horrible coaching strategy by the way, but back in the day, we were a little old school. However, this is your turn to come to us and say, “Don’t tell me why we can’t do that, tell me how you, Marty, are going to make it happen.” I will do my best to accommodate your needs and look forward to challenges.

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