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During the spring thru fall months, we strive to represent the diversity of agriculture in Wisconsin while promoting the family-farm ethic. We also love to share the good food and the stories of our food producers in the Driftless region! Through a Ridge and Valley Tour experience, you will be entertained and informed with an energetic tour of local farms and agri-businesses. As an added effort, we enjoy educating our guests on the unique Karst geology in the Driftless area. We especially enjoy connecting our tour participants with a hands-on experience on the farms whenever possible.

We can book your custom tour with a little advanced notice. We utilize our Kawasaki Ranch Edition UTV for our tours. It is a great way to experience the winding backroads of Richland County and enjoy a full-sensory experience. We always do our best to work with our guest’s schedules to offer a tour. Just contact us by e-mail at and tell us your dates and interests and we can come up with an experience just for your group of up to 5 people. Or you can call us at (608) 630-2452.

Our tours can include between 3-4 stops, with locally produced food samples along the way. This adds the flexibility to customize the tour to a group’s specific interests. There are always a few extra stops for photo ops and some storytelling about local legends and history that may, or may not, be factual. Our tour guides and operators like to keep it fun, and casual and will do their best to cater to the interests of the group.

We just did a tour with Dave & Heather and here is Dave’s very gracious review:

We highly recommend Ridge and Valley Tours for a personable, unique and lasting experience of the Driftless Area.  Marty and Teri are excellent hosts and oh so knowledgeable of this special area of Wisconsin and the United States. 

We booked a Dairy Tour and were able to gain an inside look of any area goat farm that farms sustainably and supplies milk to a major craft cheese producer.  It was a special touch that we were able to taste some of the delicious cheeses that resulted due to the hard work of these farmers.  We obviously also had a day filled with postcard worthy views of the wonderful Driftless Area.  Part of the fun of boking a tour with Ridge and Valley is that you experience the area via their large ATV – a great and stress free-way to see as much as possible!   Marty is also a natural story teller and makes each and every bit of information that is shared both interesting and fun. 

 In closing, don’t hesitate to book a half day (or day) with these great people – you won’t regret it and in the end will leave the area will wonderful memories.

For more information, and design suggestions of a tour, please feel free to reach out to us at (608) 630-2452, or by email at