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So, here we are on Thursday afternoon with a week full of warm temperatures and sun. It’s been a wonderful week of spring in Southwest Wisconsin, but not so much for snowshoeing. We regret to inform everyone that the snow is just not at optimal conditions for snowshoeing this weekend. Unfortunately, we are going to cancel the event for the evenings and for all of the weekend.

We do have plans in the near future that we are working on for short UTV tours. You can always check our website, “tours” tab, and see what we have scheduled as well. 

The snowshoeing season was great this year and we are very excited to see how next year goes! We brought a lot of fun to Richland County and really created some economic activity for many local businesses. Thank you for your interest.

We are also adding UTV tours this year! We have a very beautiful, 6 passenger Kawasaki Ranch edition UTV is decked out in style. You will enjoy a covered roof and windshield that will protect you from the wind & elements while enjoying the fresh air as you gaze out the side windows. You will be entertained by your guide, Marty for well over an hour. During this winter and spring, feel the glow of snuggling down with our weighted blankets and hand warmers while watching for wildlife as Marty engages you with stories, tall tales, and the history of the area. Marty will be wearing a neck gaiter/mask for your safety and the windows are open to constant fresh air. We ask you to wear clothing appropriate for the weather conditions as you will be outside. We can custom design this tours to go to farms, cheese factories, wineries, and orchards as well. Longer excursions on the highway will need to wait until warmer weather as it can be pretty cold doing 35 mph on the paved roads. You will see our UTV used in many of our events coming up!

For more information, and design suggestions of a tour, please feel free to reach out to us at (608) 630-2452, or by email at