Welcome to Ridge & Valley Tours! We are delighted to have you join us. It is our goal to share the history and beauty of Southwest Wisconsin with visitors in a fun and informative way. Whether you are looking for a premier guided tour or a family activity, we have you covered. We are connected to many agriculture enterprises that offer farm-related experiences, and farm tours to the public. We strive to represent the diversity of agriculture in Wisconsin while promoting the family-farm ethic.

We also love to share the good food and tasty brews of the Driftless region! Through a Ridge and Valley Tour experience you will be entertained and informed with an energetic tour of local farms and agri-businesses. As an added effort, we seek to protect the unique Karst geology in the Driftless area and to educate our guests about this unique region.

Right now we are in winter-mode which means snowshoeing is our focus! We have purchased sets of snowshoes in a variety sizes for use in our events. We have sets of children sized snowshoes as well. We have many snowshoe events coming up-including events with wine and hot chocolate. And, we have Snoga or Snowga (we aren’t sure how we are spelling it yet) where we blend snowshoeing guidance from us and yoga instruction from Catrina at Ray of Light Wellness to give you a truly unique experience.

COVID-19 Response and effect

As you can imagine, the COVID-19 threat has greatly affected Ridge and Valley Tours. As group tour operators it has truly caused us to reimagine our tour business. This next summer we will continue to offer “step-on” tours. If you and your family, or other assembled group, wish to come join us for a tour, our guides offer the option as a ride-along guide in your vehicle, or we will lead you from stop to stop in our own vehicles as you follow in your own.

There is a bit of a bonus in this type of a tour: We charge $35 per person for a 4 Hour tour with a minimum of 4 people. This includes at least 4 stops, local cheese and/or meat samples, but no meal. This adds the flexibility to customize the tour to a group’s specific interests. If wine and cheese is more your interests we can make multiple stops to wineries and cheese factories. Perhaps you have a bigger interest in the cattle side of agritourism, we can design a tour heavy on farm locations.

We are also adding UTV tours this year! We have a very beautiful, 6 passenger Kawasaki Ranch edition UTV is decked out in style. You will enjoy a covered roof and windshield that will protect you from the wind & elements while enjoying the fresh air as you gaze out the side windows. You will be entertained by your guide, Marty for well over an hour. During this winter and spring, feel the glow of snuggling down with our weighted blankets and hand warmers while watching for wildlife as Marty engages you with stories, tall tales, and the history of the area. Marty will be wearing a neck gaiter/mask for your safety and the windows are open to constant fresh air. We ask you to wear clothing appropriate for the weather conditions as you will be outside. We can custom design this tours to go to farms, cheese factories, wineries, and orchards as well. Longer excursions on the highway will need to wait until warmer weather as it can be pretty cold doing 35 mph on the paved roads. You will see our UTV used in many of our events coming up!

For more information, and design suggestions of a tour, please feel free to reach out to us at (608) 630-2452, or by email at ridgeandvalleytours@gmail.com.

Follow our snowshoe reports in our News section, and connect with us on our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. If you would like contact Marty or Teri you may do so on the contact page.

Finally, at Ridge and Valley tours, we strive to epitomize “Wisconsin-nice”.  As international travelers, it has become very clear to us that our state and area are recognized as home to some of the nicest people on the planet! We believe in hospitality–the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. And we believe “Wisconsin-nice” is a thing, and work every day to display that quality.

Our Mission Statement:

Ridge and Valley Tours is connecting people to the land of the Driftless Area by engaging them with fun stories of the people, places, and products from our area while committing to preserve the Wisconsin agricultural heritage and stewardship of our unique Driftless Area environment.

If you would like to know more about our defining business principles, click on our menu options at the bottom of this page, under “making an impact.