So you take a left at Fran Schroeder’s, sister-in-law’s farm who went to college with Bob Collins.

“You can’t get there from here, you just take a left at the Old Brown Church, go over Bashford Hill, and then right down to Old Man Brown’s farm, you can’t miss it…..”

I was born and raised in the Ithaca area of Richland County. I have traveled every county and town road in my early years of carousing around……..or so I thought. Part of the beauty of Richland County is just driving down those back roads discovering what new property, farm, or rock outcropping exists around the next curve or over the next hill. It is full of undulating roadways with twists and turns that bring a great view, and sometimes a very unexpected surprise around the next corner.

Before you accuse me of getting old and now enjoying the one activity that I used to despise with my parents “The Sunday Drive”, I will admit………I now enjoy it. (Join in now group….”Hi Marty”) I now enjoy driving around the county to reminisce, discover the new properties people have developed, and the impressive views of the Driftless Region. Yes……..(deep breath)…….I am an old fart, I might as well buy a Tom Landry style hat and a houndstooth coat to drive around the county at 20 miles an hour on Sunday afternoon’s.

It took Teri and I traveling to other states and countries to understand the beautiful area we live in. Those who reside in Richland County and have not traveled to the plains states, metropolitan cities, or other countries with their compact urban centers, may take the Driftless Region for granted. We love to travel, we love to meet new people, and we love to see the land of other areas. However, we have found that we need to come back to the hills in Richland County after two or three weeks or we crave home, of course also by that point our Chocolate Lab- Miley-may bite us thinking we are home invaders if we don’t remind her who we are by that point. There is nothing better than traveling to other states or countries and then returning to the patio at our house to drink a couple Old Fashioned’s, have a small fire in the fire pit, and watch the hills and the wildlife.

Oh, and that road sign pictured above, yeah about that. No photoshop was used in the production of that picture, this sign exists and yes it is as confusing as it appears at the crossroads of only 2 named roads, but pointing out that somewhere, out there, is Round Barn Rd and Gault Hollow Rd. Somewhere, in that general direction, you know, just go past Goplin’s rabbit farm, over past the old Frank Mill, and down the Louis Hill. You can’t miss it.

Through our tours we are going to strive to connect visitors and residents with the beauty of the area. During a Ridge and Valley Tour you will get to enjoy the settler’s stories, their legends, (perhaps a couple stories that are more believable than others) and some real honest-to-God postcard views of the Driftless region. Oh, yeah, and we are going to have fun doing it too.

I encourage you join us on a tour this summer, leave the driving, and the navigation, to us and just enjoy the views.

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